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How has Unilever targeted the black population in Brazil? How does the company’s strategy in Brazil differ from its strategy in other countries? What does your response tell you about Unilever’s overall global marketing strategy?

Hill and Hult (2016) explained that Brazil has the largest black population outside of Nigeria, and a company called Unilever has utilized this fact in their targeted marketing strategies.  Unilever targeted this particular population by offering a range of skincare products and cosmetics that were tailored specifically for them (Hill, & Hult, 2016). They also even marketed a product that included both black and white populations by utilizing women with different shades of skin color and stated that this product was for tan and black skin, which included the women with black skin and the women who had lighter skin but lived by the beach and tanned (Hill, & Hult, 2016).  Like a lot of companies that are global, their marketing strategies had to differ across the world because even though similar markets exist throughout the world, their dynamics, culture, and history differ. Some of the strategies that Unilever has taken include giving discounts to shop owners to put their products right in the front of the store, is aggressive about ensuring stores have their products and also ensures they understand the demographics as well as economical statuses by providing products that may be cheaper, smaller alternatives to ensure that consumers can actually afford them (Nisen, 2013).  Simply put, they do their market research and tailor their products to fit the economy, demographics, and populations of the markets they want to enter. They understand that their profits come from understanding their target markets and that the products have to match those expectations.


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