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Reflection Paper for Capstone Course Leadership Learned, Practiced, and Forward: • Leadership Learned: What literature and courses impacted your management and leadership growth and development? What value did you derive from working in teams? • Leadership Practiced: Share the peak events within your MBA program where the theoretical and the practical intersected. Provide examples. How did group work impact your ability to connect business theories to practices? Leadership Forward: You will not stop learning once your graduate. What is your strategy for continued leadership and management development? How did group and teamwork assist your leadership development

In my entire MBA academic journey, I learned many aspects as far as my career is concerned. I was also privileged to learn different course which was differently taught by different professors. One of the courses that were interesting to me was Leadership and Leadership management.  From the first day of studying this unit, I really enjoyed and liked the concept that we were taught since they were practically helping me in my work life. Through the guidance of the taught literature, I’m able to know the various type of leadership styles and where I can comfortably apply either of them in the work environment. 

Equally, the course focused much on teamwork. This was one of the basics taught which we correspondingly applied in school. Throughout the course, we had groups that really instilled teamwork skills. Apparently, through the group team, I was able to sharpen my communication skills which always gave me a problem. Equally, the group work gave me an opportunity to apply what I had theoretically learned in class practices in the group. We would apply various leadership styles taught in class in running the group activities. 

In order to fully utilize these important aspects that we learned in class, I will gladly be part of the group and teams in my next working station. The business theories and leadership theories that we taught in the course will also be applied accordingly. I am very optimistic that I’ll effectively perform my duties since I am well equipped with the relevant knowledge that is key in the working environment. Through teamwork and application of good leadership skills, the operations of a company can run smoothly thereby increasing production.

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