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Read the Nokia case study. Integrating leadership theories support your discussion and focus on how the strategies of communication, decision-making, and leadership were employed by Nokia leadership to get the message out about Nokia’s values? What did Nokia’s café process convey about its senior leaders understanding of the communication process and the importance of hearing what people say? As a consultant, what suggestions do you have for Nokia leadership to improve communication?

Nokia Company has integrated several theories in strategic communication such as the priming theory, face negotiation, cultural studies, and agenda-setting theory. The priming theory illustrates the ability of a company to control the interpretation of the information released through feeding the customers with prior information; this has helped Nokia Company to control the interpretation of various messages.   Face negotiation entails gathering information directly from the customers using interviews to help in generating necessary improvements. Cultural theory helps in understanding different cultures across the market hence facilitating the better gathering of information to enhance growth in the company (Miller, 2005). The agenda-setting theory helps the company to decide what is worthy of releasing to the market; this includes products and services, policies affecting the company and decision making. 

Café was one of the ways of collecting information from employees and clients through discussions. Various points and concerns are raised through these forums and necessary actions implemented. The café used bottom, top communication where the employees and stakeholders had the mandate of contributing opinions that were used in making decisions and formulation of policies. Spreading ideas through various groups was done through the shifting of members from one group to the others. Shifting of members facilitated clarification of diverse views and issues. The facilitators of the café were mandated to put down the ideas discussed and present them before the leader. Communication skills were enhanced through these forums.  

Strategic communication can be improved in the company through the interaction of the leaders and the employees. The interaction will enable the leaders to understand various cultures hence help them in improvising ways of addressing the people. Various cultures have different means of communication, and therefore it is necessary to have skills that will enable clear communication of the ideas. As a consultant, it is essential to point out areas that require changes to facilitate effective communication; such areas include a good employer-employee relationship and the value for customers.


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