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As an organizational development consultant you are asked to recommend what you believe to be the key elements of an effective system of leadership and governance appropriate for an international organization. Your recommendations should address leadership theory, skills, professional and personal development. Discuss what you would include and why calling upon relevant literature from your MBA studies.

International organizations play a crucial role in economic development and sustenance of international trade. The behavior of the employees and stakeholders in the organization determines the impact they have in terms of profitability and continuance (Bolman & Deal, 2017). Excellent leadership and governance is a basic necessity for any business to succeed in the international arena. However, the leadership should be supported by various structures and must be in line with the business objectives. An effective leadership and governance system should incorporate the development of professional skills and personal growth.

International agencies require good leadership systems since the world relies on these organizations to enable business transactions and exchange of cultures and ideas beyond the geographical regions. An effective leadership and governance system should have a management team that identifies and delivers on the company’s goals without compromise. The interest of the managers should be in line with business needs.

  Another critical element is applying a suitable leadership theory.   Behavioral theories are more suitable for international organizations due to the diverse cultures involved in the decision-making process.   An effective leadership and governance system should also be able to manage and monitor the company’s performance (Mayne, 2017). This implies that the staff and the leaders should be in agreement about the performance expectations.

   Lastly, the system should attract, develop and retain outstanding employees with unique capabilities and talents. The leaders should ensure that the employees have the capacity and social skills required to achieve the company‘s vision and strategies. An organizational leadership and governance style has a significant impact on success and performance (Lele & Goswami, 2019). The system should, however, be flexible to handle the fluctuations in the industry. When all these aspects are in place in the international organization, an excellent and outstanding working environment is attained thus producing exemplary performance. 


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