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Google has decided to return to the China market. Read “Why Google Quit China and Why It’s Heading Back” retrieved from quit-china-and-why-its-heading-back/424482/ • Look at Google’s initial decision to enter the Chinese market. Was it the right decision? Why? • How did Google’s mission compel it to create • What other reasons, i.e. financial, could there have been for entering China and, likewise, for leaving? • With Google’s reentry, how do Google’s actions coincide with their dropping of the motto, “Don’t be Evil”? • Select a company that demonstrates the ability to balance innovation with ethical decision making. In a couple of sentences describe why you selected this company and share the link.

The Chinese economy can be described as one of the biggest economies in the world. It is for this factor that it becomes a conducive environment for any business or company. The move and decision of Google to enter the Chinese market is the right move (Waddell, 2019). Google was right considering that people have the right to information. Conversely, the corporation is already a player in the Chinese economy. Prior to entering China, Google had managed to establish itself as a technology brand becoming trusted by many users across the world.  Consequently, the Chinese economy and market feature a series of unique challenges which force a different version of the product the to meet the conditions that the company must filter the search results with respect to the distinct standards set by China that they deemed as illegal information (Waddell, 2019). However, Google did not leave the Chinese market despite the many challenges. The company’s corporate mission was the guiding principle in making decisions to enter the Chinese market. The mission states, “our business commitment to satisfy the interest of its users, and by doing so to build a leading company in a highly competitive industry.’ Google’s mission statement is their top priority which explains the company’s drive and agility to thrive in the Chinese market and economy. The corporate mission created the base and objective of entering China considering the high competition level. 

Google’s motto puts forward that every user deserves to have access to the best information and to any available information in the world. However, the motto was challenged with an entry into the Chinese market. The choice of Google to accept itself as self-censored led to the re-examination and forced the internal community to reconsider the implication of censorship.  


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