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Managing the performance of employees is vital-yet delicate-responsibility. Creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities to meet the company’s goals is primary. The ultimate success or failure of a performance management system depends on the connection to the company’s business goals, and the attitudes and skills of those responsible for administration. One of the most difficult tasks of a manager is assessing why someone is not performing well. Read the scenario below and consider the following questions: Carl Spackler works in research and development for a chemical company that makes non-nutritive food additives. His most recent assignment has been the development of a non-nutritive aerosol cooking spray. Carl has specific goals tying back to the strategic goals of the company and he has achieved them. Carl’s manager, Ray Moran, continues to put off completing Carl’s performance evaluation for almost 6 months. When it was time to have the in person conversation, Ray tells Carl he is busy and to read it himself. The evaluation is 3 sentences and does not provide any feedback. 1. Describe the potential causes of this scenario. 2. What could the manager have done differently? 3. How does this affect the overall success of the company? 4. Describe the issues with retaining a good employee like Carl? 5. What strategies can HR put in place to avoid these issues in the future?

This paper examines the case of Carl an employee and his manager Ray. The study aims to understand how managers' attitudes influence employees’ performance.

The potential cause of the scenario

The reasons that led to the scenario is because Ray ignores evaluating employees. Miner (2015) notes that managers who create time for employees to understand their needs and inspires them to work harder. Ray does not take his time to listen and communicate with Carl who is an employee. Ray postponed evaluation for six months then he tells Carl that he is busy and gives him an evaluation of three sentences. 

What the Manager could have done differently

Ray could have taken enough time to evaluated Carl instead of telling him that he is busy. Carl has been hardworking, but the manager’s response was demotivating and could adversely affect his performance. Thus, Ray would have appreciated Carl and offer a sincere evaluation that is motivating. 

How the Scenario Affect Company’s Success

The behavior of Ray towards Carl is demotivating. Pinder (2014) states that unmotivated employees’ performance poorly would reduce outputs, incomes, and profitability of the company. Also, potential employees may quit when managers ignore their needs. 

Issues with Retaining Good Employees

The retention of good employees is vital for the success of the company. However, issues that may inhibit the employee's retention are lack of feedback after performing well, when managers are too busy to listen and talk with employees, and failure to respond to the needs of the employees due to lack of empathy.

Strategies that HR can Put in Place to Avoid the Issues

The HR should ensure employees are evaluated within the stipulated time. Also, HR should praise good performance and reward the best workers to increase employees’ motivation. Besides, HR should create a friendly environment and interactions despite positions held.


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