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Consider Jim Collins’ bus analogy in Good to Great. In one sense, recruiting is “getting the right people on the bus” and career management is “getting them in the right seats.” Many employers do not follow the textbook’s perfect model of managing their employees’ careers. Being passive about one’s career doesn’t usually produce good results. 1. Discuss the elements of a recruitment strategy. 2. How can a company be most successful in attracting talent? 3. How can a company ensure they are putting the right person in the right job? 4. What methods can a company use to meet the career goals of their existing workforce? 5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting? 6. Explain why a diverse recruitment strategy is important today.

Employees determine the success of a business. Businesses have acknowledged that having the right skills for specific job descriptions plays a significant role in employee performance. Jim Collis metaphorically compares the recruitment process to a bus. Recruiting is getting the right people on the bus while career management is getting them on the right seats (Collins, 2018). This paper discusses the recruitment process. 

A recruitment strategy should determine the reason for hiring new stuff especially externally. For instance, it could be due to increased production or filling a skills gap. A recruitment strategy should also determine the level of performance targeted by an organization (Collins, 2018). Certain abilities and qualities may be a threshold for a particular post. Companies can be successful in attracting talents by building an organizational culture that allows career growth. Most people prefer working in places that provide resources for professional development (Bratton & Gold, 2017). The company can also start referral programs that allow the ongoing employees to refer talents to the organizations for pay.

Companies should ensure they are putting the right people on the job by looking beyond the resume. Bratton and Gold (2017) also indicate that candidates should be interviewed to make sure they meet organization expectations. Assessing the candidate’s character also ensure they coincide with the organization's culture. Linking employee to a professional network is one method used to achieve career goals. According to Collins (2018) creating a development plan for every employee is another method that meets individual interests and career goals.

Internal recruiting is advantageous because it has less paperwork, ensures continuity of operations and increases employee morale and retention. However, internal recruitment lacks diversity and may also promote animosity among ranks. A diverse recruitment strategy limits group thinking as different talents think differently. Diverse recruitment also allows young talents to acquire experience from older talents.


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