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Globalization has become pervasive in almost every company. It influences the types of jobs that are available and requires companies to adjust to different geographies, cultures and legal environment. Discuss how a company can address these challenges and the role HR will play in its success to create a dominant workplace. What steps must HR take to ensure the company is going to achieve a competitive advantage through its employees?

In the last two decades, the rate of globalization has been increasing. The business, however, experiences a new set of conditions when penetrating global markets. Cultural differences are one of the factors that affect the operation of international businesses. The business should understand the customs, traditions, taboos, as well as the tastes and preferences in the new market. The consumption, as well as the spending habits, are equally important when formulating strategies to penetrate a new market. Moreover, marketing strategies need to be tailored to meet the specific needs of a given environment. In international markets, the business needs to adhere to the legal environment surrounding the business environment. Business regulation measures can include licenses and business permits. The business also needs to adhere to the matters concerning the standards, packaging as well as the promotion. 

The Human Resource department has a core role in improving productivity in the workplace. In a bid to improve the performance of the workforce, the Human Resource department should ensure a comprehensive compensation scheme is adopted and the employees are always motivated (Albrecht et al, 2015). An initiative for managing diversity in the organization should also be implemented. Human resources should come up with opportunities that aim to support the company's diversity program. Nevertheless, the human resource department may initiate safe communication techniques as well as open interactive channels to encourage community participation.

It is possible for companies to achieve a competitive advantage through its employees. The Human resource department can design an efficient Appraisal and reward system. The organization should support the training of employees in order to encourage career advancement. The work environment should be safe and less threatening to the employees. Finally, the Human resource department should come up with a recruitment system that selects skilled and right employees for the organization.


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