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Consider one segment in your work that can be considered your customer. Using the design and prompts on page 131 of the textbook, create a customer empathy map, and summarize it using the appropriate categories.

eLearners denotes a college-based social networking site that provides a platform for university students to connect and interact with one another. The interactions and connections empower students to discover the activities that interest them most on or around their institutions. Every college or university has an eLearners network that is exclusively available to its students. The developers need an empathy map, a tool that highlights the needs and pains of the target customers (Shafer, 2006).

Element 1: See

The customer colleges may see that the information provided on the eLearners network is disorganized. As such, they may wonder whether the students will use or ignore it. The universities may also see that the network provides too much information. Besides, they may also see that the campus is not in the list of institutions included on the platform.

Element 2: Hear

The universities may hear that the students and other stakeholders have already posted educational plans on other social networking sites. Besides, they may hear that older university stakeholders rarely use the network. Therefore, they may question the need for investing in eLearners. 

Element 3: Think and Feel

The customers’ thoughts may involve whether the network can guarantee privacy. They may also think of whether they must create personalized log-in details. Lastly, customers may think of the cost, especially whether they will pay for using the platform.

Element 4: Say

The target customers are likely to say that learners do not offer enough visual appeal. Additionally, they may say that the network lacks clear navigation layouts.

Element 5: Doing

The target customers may opt to use the network. On the other hand, they may reject the network and continue using the existing social networking sites.


Shafer, R. (2006). Customer Empathy. Sandy, Utah: Aardvark Global Publishing.

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