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a). Watch the following clip of Tim Robbins in the film The Hudsucker Proxy: “You know, for kids!”: b) The film is loosely set in the 1950s. Based on that (that it takes place in the 1950s), and then only using the information that is available in the clip (his idea is basically a two-dimensional circle on a napkin, that it is “you know, for kids!”, and that it is his “ticket upstairs” to promotion) brainstorm a list of 5-10 possible inventions he has in mind. Then choose the one invention from your list that you think is the correct one. Post your list of 5-10 ideas and then the one you chose as the “ticket upstairs”. Have fun with this! Don’t “cheat” and look up the answer. Challenge yourself to see if you can come up with the answer. I’ll post a follow-up clip on Friday that will reveal the answer – his idea – and also show the stereotypical reactions new ideas receive in the corporate world.

The Hudsucker Proxy is a New York film that entailed the success journey of a young boy known as Norville Barness. After the death of the company’s boss died, the greedy management who were left wanted to buy 86% of shares that he had recommended for sale to the public by recruiting the uneducated person, Norville Barness (Ebert, 1994). However, instead of the company’s share price falling, it raised due to the inventions created by the new boss. This paper discusses the possible inventions Norville had in mind when shows a circle on a napkin and says, “You know, for kids”.

Possible Inventions

Development of a hula hoop for kids. Norville shows a circle drawn on a napkin which could be meaning that he had the idea of producing the product. Moreover, Norville says “you know, for kids”. 

Norville could be meaning that the circle entails kids' popular products which are toys. Thus, the production of the toys could make the company popular and increase sales. 

Besides, Norville could be thinking of a management strategy that could increase the performance of the company.  Norville says that it’s a ticket to upstairs meaning promotion. Ebert (1994) noted that Norville was unskilled and inexperienced. 

Frisbee is also an invention that Norville could be thinking of. Frisbee is a ball used in sporting activity. The invention and production of a Frisbee for kids could be a logical step for the company to increase its profitability.

Making changes to the Hudsucker’s clock could also be in Norville’s mind. Ebert (1994) stated that the company had a clock. Thus, keeping the clock in a strategic position where everyone in the organization could be keen on time would be essential for the company.

The main invention that I think was correct was the production of Hula Hoop for kids. Norville stated that it's for kids and showed a circle (, 2018). Also, the main targets of the products are kids. Thus, Norville could be meaning that selling the product will increase the performance of the company and be promoted.


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