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Many alleged studies are misleading in that the conclusions are often based on undisclosed premises. Parenting books state that an advantage to breastfeeding is that it makes women healthier; what is not stated is that women who breastfeed tend to follow stricter diets, and it is the diets that actually makes them healthier. If you looked at the statistics for the number of tires replaced in a given year, would you be surprised to find out that Toyota Camry tops the list for wearing out tires? It shouldn't since it is the most popular car in America. And in 2000, Sen. Daschle (D-South Dakota) pushed his gun control agenda against Pres. Bush when he stated "Do you realize that the majority of vendors at gun shows don't do background checks on their customers;" while true, what he failed to mention is that the majority of vendors at gun shows don't sell guns (they sell food, t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.), but not guns. Nonetheless, this quasi-truth aroused the voters. Name another conclusion that, while true, is based on misconception. There are multitudes of them in regards to health and politics, so keep your eyes open. If you cannot find one, then make one up (use your creativity and silliness if you wish).

A significant number of studies have conclusions that are baseless in that they cannot be verified and contain a lot of bias. Such conclusions do not take into account all aspects that surround a given claim; hence they might be misleading in the long run. Members of the society have been made to understand that a sick person will always get healed once they go for medical check-ups in hospitals and adhere to the prescribed medications. It is a fact that doctors are qualified medical professionals intended to help improve quality of life. It must also be understood that the doctors are human beings and that they are bound to involve some errors when making a diagnosis, hence the medication given might not be the right one. Such a  happening is the reason to why some patients will end up with a deteriorating health status even after been admitted to hospitals. 

It also does not make sense when a doctor recommends that a patient who is not recovering from certain illnesses to seek advanced treatment as the only way to find a lasting solution to such an illness that might have remained unhealed for quite long. Advanced treatments are always costly, but the patient lacks any other option to have them treated and hence they must pay for the amount indicated. For example, the later stages of cancer are expensive to treat, and it happens that the patient will eventually die even after a suggestion by the doctors that advanced treatment of cancer at its later stages can help delay the death of the patient. The medical information given by the doctors is subject to some errors, and it does not mean that adhering to such information is not a confirmation good health will be restored. 


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