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An auto manufacturer advertises that “90% of the cars we’ve ever made are still on the road.” Assuming this is literally true, how can it be explained? What facts / statistics would you need to know to expose this misleading claim?

Statistical data can be used to evaluate a business's services, products, and the end outcome. Often, I believe some business utility false statistical information to sell their products and services to the market. I would highly question this company's statistical research and reporting methods to evaluate the authenticity of their results. Questions that I would ask and believe should be considered includes:

How did they conclude 90% of car durability? 

How long have they been opened?

How many cars have they sold since they opened?

Did the survey every customer who has had a sold car? 

How many cars are still on the road out of all their sold cars? 

The only way I could see this being a true statement is if they had are a newly opened business (between 3-6 months old) and they have sold a low number of cars (3-5), which could possibly still be drivable. Other than that, I would need to know business years, the total number of sold cars and the number of persons utilize to retrieve information in which cars had been sold to determine if the claims are false statements.

by EssayRoyal, Dec. 6, 2019, 5:48 p.m.

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